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The heads.

We founded calmar creativ to follow and achieve our own philosophy of design services on the market.

However, we often collaborate successfully with other agencies and service providers and enhance their portfolio in this way. Should you be in search of new partners for your company network, just let us know.

We are looking forward to a close and cross-functional cooperation!

Christian Amthor

Christian Amthor

Diplom-Designer [FH]
Year of birth: 1981

University of Applied Sciences
Würzburg - Schweinfurt
Faculty of Design

Career progression:
since 2009: CEO calmar creativ
2008-2009: ercas, Erlangen
2007-2008: identitätsarchitekten, Würzburg
2001-2008: Freelance Designer

Christian Amthor

Carolin Calabrese

Diplom-Kauffrau [Univ.]
Year of birth: 1980

Friedrich Alexander University
Erlangen - Nürnberg
Faculty of Economics / Social Sciences

Career progression:
since 2009: CEO calmar creativ
2007-2009: Suxxeed, Nuremberg
2006-2007: Steuerkanzlei Lenk, Neumarkt

The thoughts
The heads

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